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riga 2 series greenhouse kits

Riga II Series Greenhouses

At seven feet long the Riga II is the smallest greenhouse of the Riga collection but still manages to fit 54 square feet inside the walls. Of course, all the other standard Riga features still apply as well: 10 year warranty for polycarbonate panels, 15 year warranty for the frame, heavy dutch door with keyed lock and much more.

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riga 3 series greenhouse kits

Riga III Series Greenhouses

The Riga III Greenhouse measures ten feet in length and offers both seven and nine foot width options with up to 102 internal square feet. Like all the other Riga greenhouses the III series was created to weather harsh winters so you can grow all year long.

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riga 4 series greenhouse kits

Riga IV Series Greenhouses

Riga's exceptional quality and manufacturing continue into the IV Series greenhouses. The Riga IV greenhouses again offer seven and nine foot widths and measure 14 feet long. The "onion" profile easily sheds snow loads and helps prevent from wind damage by being aerodynamic.

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riga 5 series greenhouse kits

Riga V Series Greenhouses

At 17 feet long the Riga V Series greenhouses are the second longest Riga has to offer. Optional seven and nine foot widths can pack up to 165 internal square feet. Continuing with the Riga tradition of no eaves or shoulders the Riga V gives up none of the weather resistance of the smaller units.

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riga xl series greenhouse kits

Riga XL Series Greenhouses

The biggest of the Riga Greenhouses - the Riga XL measures 14' 2" feet by 19' 10" inches for a massive 283 square feet of floor space. The XL features 16 mm, triple wall polycarbonate side walls and 10 mm front and back walls for maximum strength, stability and insulation.

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